2010 m. spalio 27 d., trečiadienis


Last weekend we were in Kaunas. A wonderful city to fly: they have even two good flying places. So there we had a wonderful time with our good friends kite flyers from Vilnius, Kaunas and Siauliai.

 The day started quite well according to the weather and we started to fly individual. Later on weather got rainy but our built mega-team flew as we planned.

The main purpose of the meeting was to deal about competitions next year.

So the decisions are:

Theres gonna be two rounds in year 2011 - first one in Kaunas on April 16th, second one is planned on September 10th in Siauliai.

Also we are doing our best that on May of 2011 a huge Kite Festival in Palanga would be real.

And in conclusion we can't forget about our trainings for international competitions as THE DEALERS.

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