2010 m. rugsėjo 5 d., sekmadienis


We have came back from out flight in LELIUNAI (a small town near UTENA). It is hard to describe, what are the feelings from the weekend when You can't even stand. We are exhausted and it feels great. As we will try always on our blog not to talk allot, but to show.

So here it is.

On a first day we've noticed, that it's a great field to fly: the wind is quite stable, grass is short and home is two steps away.

It was lots of things to learn and from now we started to hear each other, to see the distances, to feel the wind. 

Even a "Cascade" (as for a first time) went quite well.

You can see... One of the best weekends... Yet... 

The next day didn't went as we planned, but on the second part of the day the wind started to blow. So, more flying, more arguing, more excitement.  Besides, Jurgis found a great place even for having a good earned rest.

P.S. Stay tuned. And thanx to LUKAS (Ricardas wives nephew) for photos.  

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